Binge-Watching legislation & Order: SVU is in fact healthy for you, based on technology

Binge-Watching legislation & Order: SVU is in fact healthy for you, based on technology

We now have a confession to create: our company is legislation & Order: Special Victims product addicts. Phew! Glad that’s available to you.

SVU addicts like us have observed every episode within the 17 seasons it is often running. Many times we binge-watch them on a Friday while consuming an entire crust pizza that is stuffed. Well, do you know what? It’s fine to be hooked on and binge-watch legislation & Order. Technology says go!

Our heroes at Washington State University did a report about how precisely crime that is binge-watching results our attitudes and perceptions toward intimate physical violence. They carried out the study law that is using Order, NCIS and CSI whilst the different drama franchises to review.

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The research had been carried out at A northwestern that is large university 313 freshman. Why don’t we face it, university students will be the most readily useful at binge-watching nearly such a thing therefore you realize these coeds had been as much as the job.

The research unearthed that people had been less likely to want to accept rape culture urban myths and had been prone to refuse undesirable activity that is sexual. The key reason why Law & Order ended up being far better than it’s criminal activity show counterparts is since it stops working rape fables, like “if a lady happens to be drinking and this woman is raped, this woman is notably accountable” or that strippers and intercourse employees aren’t “victims.” None for the feminine victims on SVU are “asking for this” or “had it coming.” These are typically practical portrayals of victims of intimate physical physical violence.

Individuals when you look at the research had increased motives to stick to choices linked to consent that is sexual scientists additionally unearthed that people seeing perpetrators get prison time or endure long studies in courtrooms had a confident influence on them. Read More